New Century Log Homes offers maintenance free 
        logs, custom plans, supplies, caulk, Milgard windows, engineered trusses and related accessories.

Welcome to New Century Log Homes

We are honored that you have selected our website to further your research on log structures. We consider it a privilege to share with you our passion for log homes and the advantages that await our customers. Because there are a host of log home companies today from which to make your choice, most consumers appreciate our experience and factual approach regarding the specifics of log homes.

Although we competitively provide any type of log to our customers, we have staked our reputation on the use of "Engineered Logs" for exterior and structural log wall erection.   The use of the Engineered Log virtually eliminates the shrinkage factor, thus greatly diminishing the concerns inherent in conventional log homes of the past and present.

The vision behind New Century Log Homes is to provide our customers with all of the beauty and environmental advantages of a log home, while keeping the common industry accepted rhetoric and maintenance to a minimum. We hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.  You owe it to yourself to research the reasons why we claim to provide the most lifelong attractive and maintenance free log available today.

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